Clichés du fin fond du grenier: A Mosque In Saigon

SAIGON – La mosquée

Nature of the document:


Saigon, Vietnam


The Saigon Mosque, Street Dong Du, was build in 1935 by and for Indians from South India.

> 1935

Personal Collection (Emiko Stock)


On the back of the postcard: Edition Albert Portail.

Read more on Indians of former Indochine:
VIDY G. 1949: “La communauté indienne en Indochine”,Sud-Est, Paris No 6, p 1-8.

The article is introduced by a substantial editorial note by Nasir Abdoul Carime, (also check his 2005 article: “Les communautés indiennes en Indochine française”, Siksacakr, Center for Khmer Studies, Siem Reap, No 7, p 19-26).

What about today?

Talking about the G. Vidy’s article, the readers will find on this edited version, page 4, a picture of the renewed mosque taken in 2002.

Phnom Penh, February 11, 2013, Emiko Stock.

Those little field-notes are reminiscences of the past blogs and shares. While they are not proud of their flaws, I thought they shouldn’t be punished for it. Hopefully you will forgive them to be just as they come, just as they will remain.

* Originally published on the former Du Fin Fond Du Grenier website, August 2007.

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