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It is said that I have to get myself a policy page… If you know me you also know that I am not going to lawyer-up anytime soon, so here is my 2 cents.

Well, I would assume that if you have landed here, we have some common interest and that you are in addition a decent, clever, open-minded, and polite human being. Also, I am sure your mama brought you up well.

If not (and please keep you mama out of it) some basic – very basic indeed – reminders:

  • Do not take, steal or appropriate this blog content. If you want – for example – to use a picture in an essay, presentation or article, I would be more than happy to oblige, just drop me a note first. 
  • When it comes to the playground of comments and discussions – and although this is not primary school – the ”be friendly, play nicely” line applies here (I would add ”be good” but that would be stealing your mama’s line). 
  • If you came to vent, to show off, to complain, to inflame, well try your in-laws instead, or if you don’t have any of those, get yourself a cat, it works out just fine. 
  • This is a personal blog, and although I am trying to expose some research results here, this is not an academic tribune. If you expect a shaking to the core scientific discussion, that  isn’t really the club for it. However I would be happy to do it in other appropriate platforms (journals, conferences, or good old email).

Of course, I will apply those lines to myself and promise never to go to the Dark Forces (and there is quite a bunch of those around…) with your own content.

So, if you are – as I am sure you are – full of humour and wit, smart and curious, tolerant and respectful, and I you haven’t personally hurt me in this life or another, I certainly hope you will enjoy the reading and that we will both have great discussions, cup of tea virtually included. And I am certainly looking forward to it!

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Phnom Penh, February 12, 2013, Emiko Stock.